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Dream Catcher, Unraveling your idea into action (Engels)

1 november - 10:00 - 17:00

Dream Catcher
  • Do you have a dream, a goal, something you want to put into the world or a change you want to create in life?
  • Do you feel like something is holding you back?
  • Do you experience (inner) resistance?
  • Do you procrastinate projects even when you have all the time?
  • Does it seem that you get stuck in the process of putting your idea into the world?

Are you still in procrastination of your dream idea, project that you want to see into the world?
Well (harsh truth moment), yes we all procrastinate, but if you don’t know what is stopping you, how will you get to taking action towards your dream?
All change makers in the world started with an idea. They knew that the first step towards crafting your dream is being in full alignment with all the layers that affect you and get rid of limiting patterns that don’t serve you anymore.

And we are sure you can already sense that as soon as you identify what is stopping you right now, everything will fall into place with so much ease.

Well that’s exactly what we support you with. We will take you on a journey where you will have the opportunity to dive into the subconscious and the undercurrent of your idea. We have developed a proven, intuitive, multi-layered process using powerful modalities like the narrative approach, (business) constellations and energy work.

How would it be to receive insights about what’s holding you back and what you are resisting. You will find your (inner) support team and feel which steps to take towards your dream. Are you ready to free up the energy and feel the potential to move forward?

Who this is for?

For adventurers, change makers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and trainers who are ready to explore and experience an idea beyond the visible. Who want to see the whole picture with their body, their intuition, through a multi-layered process combining the power of the narrative approach combined with (business) constellations. So in the end of the day you will have the big picture of your idea together with your (inner) support team, so you will sense your inner alignment and are ready to move forward.


  • Martijn Meima, the business intuition expert in Europe based in the Netherlands, specializes in helping business people produce better results through intuitive practices. Intuition is overlooked in a world where the focus is on quantifying and predicting. In his work as a coach, trainer and consultant since 2008 he combines his business background with the powerful merits of intuition and intuitive methods. These methods connect you and your business to a larger sense of knowing that have profound effects on your ability to make better decisions and create success for your company, your clients and the world around you. He is author of the book “The Effortless Entrepreneur” in which he writes about the six success accelerators in the undercurrent that affect your success in the world.
    Martijn has found ways of making business spirituality practical and down to earth. With his humor and sensitivity he makes doing business fun again while at the same time creating results that impact the world in a positive way. Martijn is rewriting the paradigms on which doing business are built. This new way of looking offers a solid base to do business in the 21st century and gives businessmen and women the metaphors and words to create a momentum in their businesses.
  • Frédérique te Dorsthorst – de Muij is specilized in storywork, storytelling and the narrative approach. Every human being, every team and every organization is a barrel full of stories. In her work as a narrative coach, narrative consultant & trainer she supports individuals and teams to become more aware of these different stories within them. Because the more you are aware of the stories you are living, the more you can use them to access the power, the strengths and vision within.
    Through the different layers of these stories we can connect to our own inner wisdom, but also to the collective wisdom and inner knowledge of the world around us. Through that we will be connected to each other and to your (potential) customers in an authentic way. Frédérique’s talent is to enable people, teams and organizations to discover their own power, talents and unique selling points. By exploring the narrative elements of the stories of her clients, diving into the different layers and discover which archetypal team is active in what way, she aligns people. As a result, people can live the story they want to live, because life is a journey full of stories, so be the hero of your own.


10:00 -17:00


Kitchen 59, bul. “Tsar Boris III” 59, 1612 Hipodruma, Sofia
Easy access with tram and metro. Metro stop: Line 3: Tsar Boris III Blvd / Krasno Selo;
Parking in the surrounding area is free.

Language: English


This is an exclusive small circle event with up to 25 people, so everyone can have the chance for deep exploration.


Early bird untill 25th of October:  222 BGN = 111 EUR
After 25th of October:  277 BGN= 138 EUR

If you have a friend, you feel this event is something that they really need right now and they don’t have the resources to participate, let us know! We are offering 3 tickets at lower price of 69 leva. You can leave the email address of your friend in the registration form.

Lunch and drinks

We provide you with coffee & tea.
In the building there is really great restaurant.
Since we are creating this event in pure flow the LUNCH has appeared as a BONUS to you and is included in the price.

How to sign up?

Go to the online form and fill in your name and other information:
After filling the form we will send you further details, like payment information.


Of course we have to deal with the COVID situation in Sofia. That’s why you get a full refund if you can’t participate because of COVID.
In case life events are fully restricted we will do the event online through Zoom, additional info will be provided by mail if need.
We will provide fast tests for everyone so you can feel safe. In case of positive test we will refund the money for the workshop.
The room is big enough so up to 25 people can stay far enough from each other.
We adhere to all measures suggested by WHO as well as following all the local safety guidelines. We are very open to feedback so please do share with us if there is anything that you’d like us/think that we should/can do better! We’d like to keep things Covid19 free. Thus we have made sure that everything on our end is done correctly.


Yes, I would like to join


1 november
10:00 - 17:00
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